Sunday, September 26, 2010


So here is my team guys should I take on Lt. Surge!? I'm in Vermillion right now :)!!! Ash is sooo slow! Haha Lt.Surge is gonna have a really strong Raichu but I can take it right!?

Lv.23 Raticate (<3333)
Lv.22 Alakazam (Just caught abra and raised it up!)
Lv.23 Clefable (Found a moon stone in mt.moon haha go figure)
Lv.25 Wartortle (:) Hes getting really strong!)
Lv.22 Weepingbell (Good grass type! Can't wait for leaf stone)
Lv.24 Pidgeotto (Need to get fly haha)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bellsprouts and love

I saw a ton of Bellsprouts today! Caught one of em! Haha then guess what guys?! I defeated Misty and her stupid Staryu and Starme and then guess what?! Ash comes walking along slow as ever of course hahaha, so I battled him to see if he could even stand up to Misty! Now I'm on my way to Lt. Surge! Also... for some reason, when Ash fought me I didn't want to use my Rattata... I think hes my favorite pokemon right now.. idk why. Anyways, onwards!


caught a Clefairy! It doesn't like me much but it will in time! Also I am out of Mt.Moon, took no time at all! Who needs flash anyways!? Misty is up next, she has water type, so I'm gonna have to catch a grass type! Haha I still havn't seen Ash since I beat Brock, he's probly still in Mt.Moon or something! :D


It was a hastle getting to mt. moon, however I did it! And I got here before Ash could even beat Brock. Haha he was just entering the gym when i was coming out! Anyways It's really dark in here, I didnt teach flash to any of my pokemon cus it's a waste! Pokemon should be tough and have awesome moves! I encountered a Clefairy but it fainted accidently... I'll have to hold back on the next one! Anyways I'm just gonna bolt through this cave cus I don't know where I'm going anyways and I'm wasting time!

Rattata, Pidgey, Squirtle

Are all around level 14 now! Just defeated Brock with his Onyx and Geodude! :) It was a piece of cake with squirtle! On to mount moon now... I think I'm going to catch a Clefairy!


HAHA! Just caught one fools! This is going to be the greatest thing ever! I love Rattata so much It's gonna be the best pokemon out there! (31 speed IV ftw) 3 pokeballs left guys, what should i catch!? Brock is just up ahead but I think I should get a full team first! I have plenty of time, Ash is way behind!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Pokeballz & WILD POKEMONZ!

OH Snap! I just encountered ANNND caught (piece of cake!) a Pidgey! :) It was level 4 so it was pretty easy to catch! Oh yeah I was in such a rush to tell you that I almost forgot! I was given FIVE pokeballs before we set out to the gym leader Brock! He has rock type pokemon so I should probably be fine with my Squirtle... bubble will pwn Onyx in one shot probly! :) Anyways, Time to go catch a few more pokemon! Maybe even a Rattata cus I love Ratticate so much! Gary out!

Pallet Town Heroes

Well today gramps gave me a pokemon! Of course he let Ash pick first, but that's fine with me! Heh, heh, I just picked the one that has the advantage! :) He thinks his precious charmander is going to be soooo great! Pfft let him try to face my squirtle!

After we picked our pokemon, it was time, time to face the real world. The world of adventure, a world where a 10 year old boy either quits school and becomes a real man, or stays in school and chooses to be a lame faggot! Yeah that's right, I won't be the guy who has to mow the lawn but "ooooh waaaah there are too many wild pokemon in the grass" pfft not me! I'm going to rule the world and become the top pokemon master in Kanto!

*cough* Anyways, we picked our pokemon and set off to the first gym leader! HAHA Ash wants to take his sweet time while I run straight to him! I can win without even trying! I'll keep you guys updated on my progress but don't think I'll fall behind Ash! HAHAHA!