Sunday, September 26, 2010


So here is my team guys should I take on Lt. Surge!? I'm in Vermillion right now :)!!! Ash is sooo slow! Haha Lt.Surge is gonna have a really strong Raichu but I can take it right!?

Lv.23 Raticate (<3333)
Lv.22 Alakazam (Just caught abra and raised it up!)
Lv.23 Clefable (Found a moon stone in mt.moon haha go figure)
Lv.25 Wartortle (:) Hes getting really strong!)
Lv.22 Weepingbell (Good grass type! Can't wait for leaf stone)
Lv.24 Pidgeotto (Need to get fly haha)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bellsprouts and love

I saw a ton of Bellsprouts today! Caught one of em! Haha then guess what guys?! I defeated Misty and her stupid Staryu and Starme and then guess what?! Ash comes walking along slow as ever of course hahaha, so I battled him to see if he could even stand up to Misty! Now I'm on my way to Lt. Surge! Also... for some reason, when Ash fought me I didn't want to use my Rattata... I think hes my favorite pokemon right now.. idk why. Anyways, onwards!


caught a Clefairy! It doesn't like me much but it will in time! Also I am out of Mt.Moon, took no time at all! Who needs flash anyways!? Misty is up next, she has water type, so I'm gonna have to catch a grass type! Haha I still havn't seen Ash since I beat Brock, he's probly still in Mt.Moon or something! :D


It was a hastle getting to mt. moon, however I did it! And I got here before Ash could even beat Brock. Haha he was just entering the gym when i was coming out! Anyways It's really dark in here, I didnt teach flash to any of my pokemon cus it's a waste! Pokemon should be tough and have awesome moves! I encountered a Clefairy but it fainted accidently... I'll have to hold back on the next one! Anyways I'm just gonna bolt through this cave cus I don't know where I'm going anyways and I'm wasting time!

Rattata, Pidgey, Squirtle

Are all around level 14 now! Just defeated Brock with his Onyx and Geodude! :) It was a piece of cake with squirtle! On to mount moon now... I think I'm going to catch a Clefairy!


HAHA! Just caught one fools! This is going to be the greatest thing ever! I love Rattata so much It's gonna be the best pokemon out there! (31 speed IV ftw) 3 pokeballs left guys, what should i catch!? Brock is just up ahead but I think I should get a full team first! I have plenty of time, Ash is way behind!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Pokeballz & WILD POKEMONZ!

OH Snap! I just encountered ANNND caught (piece of cake!) a Pidgey! :) It was level 4 so it was pretty easy to catch! Oh yeah I was in such a rush to tell you that I almost forgot! I was given FIVE pokeballs before we set out to the gym leader Brock! He has rock type pokemon so I should probably be fine with my Squirtle... bubble will pwn Onyx in one shot probly! :) Anyways, Time to go catch a few more pokemon! Maybe even a Rattata cus I love Ratticate so much! Gary out!